"Imaging techniques" incorporate cutting-edge technology in a wide variety of areas, including newest LED vision, see-through projection, and 3DCG animation technology.
We created the "ultimate photo-realism" with DMM VR THEATER!

The stage is comprised of multi-image layers, which are created by pepper's ghost type hologram projection device. This adds depth to the image created by 3DCG.
The combination of all elements creates a theatrical illusion that makes it seems as if the actor actually exists.

Sublimating classic method into state-of-the-art technology.We now created the best holography which surpassed "illusion" and "reality"
Adopted the world's slimmest 1.9mm pitch LED diaply which is a LED display that can be actually utilized

Pursuing entertainment in cutting edge technology

The technology in our theater makes it possible for performance that incoporates human and CG.
DMM VR THEATER is the only theater that can provide stage performance and musicals using full CG. We promise to redefine stage that you never experience before.

Ultimate photo-realism. The world's best CG technology can even create the texture of skin.
Theater's lighting can create shadow on CG character's image and establish reality to the character.

Using the permeation board, half-mirror, LED screen with transparent screening technology, magical holographic 3D appearance is made possible
Our theater is adopting 9.1ch surround sound system which superior to ordinary sound system in cinema and theaters,
and the transparent board and reflection tricksdeliver using in our projection system, in an effort to realize the performance and the stage,
delivering you an ultimate entertainment experience.

You can enjoy the nationally exclusive, top-class 9.1ch surround sound system, and the entire theater would be embraced by the live excitement that you have never experienced.
With the unprecedented 3DCG image and sounding technology, it recreates the overwhelming delights of live experience on stage! Please open up yourself in the way you like!