Q. Can I buy tickets at the theater?

A. Yes, you can buy same day tickets at the box office. For advanced tickets, please purchase at your nearest Loppy (ticket selling machine) at Lawson.
If advanced tickets are sold out, same day tickets will be not available.

Q. Can I bring food and drinks into the theater?

A. You can bring food and beverages bought from the concession stand in theater or the free drink that exchanged by your ticket.

Q. Can I bring glowing sticks (psyllium sticks) and other signs into the theater?

A. Yes. However, illegally remodeled signs or signs that are deemed in a way that will disturb other customers are not allowed.

Q. Are there any coin lockers to store luggage in the theater?

A. Coin lockers are located next to the restroom on the theater’s floor.

Q. Is it allowed to leave the theater during the show?

A. Yes, but you are required to show your tickets to re-enter the theater.


  • At the assigned seating area, you can stand while enjoying the show. However, please do not leave your assigned seat. For some shows, there may have free seating area, please do not sit or stand in the aisle.
    If your actions are deemed in a way that disturbing other customers, we may ask you to leave the theater.
  • Reselling (including in auction) purchased tickets for profit is strictly prohibited.
    If we find that your ticket is a secondary ticket, we may deny your entry or ask you to leave the theater.
  • Without the approval of the organizer, it is not allowed to use the tickets to promote or use in other business.
  • Please notify us beforehand if you are using a wheelchair.
  • In case the show is cancelled, tickets of that show cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, we may ask you to leave the theater.
  • The organizer will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries that occurred due to disregard of the staff's instructions.
  • Please do not throw anything to the stage.
  • If the performance is suspended due to damaging or defiling of our facilities, we may claim for the damages.
  • This performance will create loud sounds and strong lighting. Guests who are pregnant, ill, or sensitive to light, please refrain from participating the show .
  • Recording of sounds or videos and taking photos are strictly prohibited. If we find any of the above, we will ask you to delete all the data and leave the theater.
  • Our staff in the theater cannot answer any inquiries regarding the content of the show, ticket, or merchandise, other than what is already announced. Please contact the organizer for any inquiries.

    ■Reference about the performance,schedule

    ■Reference about the theater